Recycling The Copper From Your Demolition Project

Scrap copper can be one of the more valuable sources of scrap metal. Not surprisingly, it is common for individuals to look for options for selling or recycling their scrap metal items. In particular, demolition projects can be common sources of scrap copper. 

Is It A Lot Of Work To Recycle Scrap Copper?

A common assumption that people may have about copper recycling is that this will be a very labor-intensive and difficult process. In reality, this can be a very straightforward process as there are services that will be capable of handling the retrieval of these materials. However, it will be up to you to separate the copper from the other scrap metal. In some cases, these services may even be able to handle the removal of copper materials from the building. These factors can be instrumental in allowing you to conveniently handle and efficiently dispose of the scrap copper that your project may have created.

What Are The More Common Sources Of Copper In A Demolition Project?

When it comes to demolition projects, there are many potential sources of copper that may need to be recycled. One of the most common sources of copper can be plumbing pipes. This is due to the resilience of copper, which can make it an ideal solution for pipes. However, copper is also a good conductor of electricity, and this can lead to it being used in wiring, circuit breakers, and other electrical components. Luckily, the unique color of copper can make it relatively easy to recognize. However, you may need to look closely if the material has a lot of limescale or corrosion on it. Additionally, the insulation around the cabling and wiring may need to be cut to examine whether it is copper or fiberoptic. Before cutting this insulation, it is imperative to ensure that the power has been fully disconnected to prevent a powerful electrical shock.

How Should You Store The Scrap Copper?

Demolition projects can take days or longer to be completed. During this time, the project may produce a steady stream of copper materials that could benefit from being recycled. As a result, you will need a plan for safely storing these materials. The value of copper can make it a popular target for thieves, but effective storage in a secure container will prevent these individuals from being able to access the copper. Many copper recycling services can provide you with a secured bin that they will be able to open when retrieving these materials. This will spare you from needing to make sure that the bin is unlocked on the day that it is being retrieved by these services.

To learn more about copper recycling, reach out to a scrap yard near you.