4 Smart Reasons To Engage In Formal Firearm Training

If you own any type of firearm, it is important that you know how to use it properly. One of the best ways to ensure you are properly trained in using a handgun is by taking a firearms training course. You will learn the basic rules that will keep you safe when you are handling a gun.

Basic Rule #1: Always Treat a Gun Like It Is Loaded

First, it is essential always to treat your gun like it is loaded, even if you are certain that it is not loaded. The truth is, most accidents occur when someone thinks the firearm isn't loaded, and they make a mistake in how they handle the gun. There is always a chance that a bullet is in the chamber. You should always treat a gun like it is loaded; you should never play around with it at all. Treating it like a dangerous weapon at all times is the best way to keep it safe.

Basic Rule #2: Only Point Where You Want to Shoot

Second, you are going to learn how to handle your gun. When you are walking or holding the gun, it should be firmly pointed at the ground. You should only take the firearm and point it at a target if you plan on shooting that target. You should never cover a target unless you have the full intention of shooting it if necessary. It should never be pointed at a target you don't intend to shoot or a person you are not fully committed to shooting. That may sound serious, but a firearm is a serious weapon and needs to be treated as such.

Basic Rule #3: Watch Your Fingers

Third, you are going to want to watch your fingers. Your finger should not rest on the trigger. Instead, your finger should only rest on the trigger if you are ready to aim and fire. You should think of it as the ultimate safety feature. Once your finger is on the trigger, that means not just that you are willing to fire but that you are ready to fire.

Basic Rule #4: Be Aware of Your Environment

When you are handling a firearm, it is essential to be aware of more than your target. You need to be aware of the entire environment that you are facing. You need to ensure that you are aware of what is behind and near the target as well since bullets can travel great distances.

When it comes to owning a firearm, it is essential to know how to handle it, which can be achieved through formal firearm training. There, you will learn the four basic rules above and more critical safety and firearm tips that you need to know.