Dangerous Myths About Fire Sprinkler Systems

Every year, fire is the reason for many property owners to face major losses. While every fire may not be containable, fire sprinkler systems can do a lot to make sure a structure has an adequate level of protection. Unfortunately, myths about fire sprinklers are prevalent, and they prevent a lot of people from investing in a system that could really be a major line of defense. Take a look at just a few of the most dangerous myths about fire sprinkler systems and the actual facts you should know.

Myth: You don't need a fire sprinkler system if you have a smoke alarm. 

Fact: Smoke alarms do nothing to actually stop a fire. 

Smoke alarms are definitely important; these small devices can detect smoke almost immediately and alert anyone in the home or building to get out as quickly as possible. However, just a smoke alarm alone does nothing to squash a blaze when it first starts out. In other words, smoke alarms don't do anything to protect the structure; only the people. The fire alarm can automatically kick into action when there are flames detected, which means there is less of a chance of a small fire growing larger and causing a lot of damage or a total loss. 

Myth: New structures rarely need fire sprinkler systems. 

Fact: All structures can reap the advantages of these systems.

It is true that modern-day structures are designed to be more fire-resistant. You will find everything from flame-retardant insulation to wood treated with fire-protective coatings in a modern structure. Just the same, however, all these implements can only do so much when a fire breaks out. Therefore, a fire sprinkler system is a wise addition regardless of the age of the structure. 

Myth: Fire sprinkler systems require a ton of expensive maintenance. 

Fact: These systems only need to be tested and visually inspected annually. 

Sprinkler systems are far easier to maintain than what most people know. If you have a commercial building, you may have to get the system inspected annually for signs of problems and tested. If you own a residential property, you can learn to test the system on your own relatively easily and it may be good to bring a pro in for an inspection on occasion. Therefore, maintaining these systems is neither something that requires a lot of attention or something that requires a lot of money.

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