Fire Sprinkler System Inspections & Repairs

When it comes to a fire sparking up in a house, the most important thing to do is get out to prevent getting injured. All it takes is to inhale the toxic smoke that comes with a fire for someone to pass out and not be able to escape the raging flames. Putting out the flames should be left to the local fire department, but you can still take action to ensure that the flames are put out fast, and possibly before the fire department arrives. For example, rather than using a fire extinguisher and risking your safety, sprinklers can be installed in your house that can release a lot of water.

If your house already has fire sprinklers installed but you are unsure if they work due to how old they are, hire a professional to inspect and make repairs.

1. The Importance of an Inspection

When fire sprinklers are old, it is important to inspect them to determine if they need any repairs, but the task should be professionally done. The reason why is because you are unable to determine if the sprinklers should be repaired based on the nozzles that you see protruding from the ceilings in your house. Several other things must be inspected as well, such as valves, pipes, and many other important parts. Other than the actual parts, the water pressure in your house must be set right for the sprinklers to work properly. A technician can inspect everything and let you know if he or she can replace old and damaged parts, or if the entire sprinkler system is worn out.

2. Why Sprinklers Might Not Work

One reason why sprinklers might stop working is from water not being able to flow out of the heads. The heads can become too rusty for water to flow out as it should, but the rust can sometimes be removed. Dirt and dust can also clog the heads up and interfere with water flow, even if your system isn't that old. It is also possible for the pipes that are attached to the sprinklers to get damaged or break loose from old age. Damaged sprinkler system parts can usually be repaired without a problem when a professional handles the work.

3. When a Sprinkler System Should Be Replaced

If your fire sprinkler system has become old to the extent of none of the parts being in a good condition, you likely need a new one. Although there are numerous parts involved with the new system installation, a technician can complete the job fast. They will know if you need a new system during the time in which it is inspected. Learn more by making an appointment with companies such as Federal Fire Protection Corporation.