Things To Consider When Getting Your First Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a big step and a lifetime commitment, but if you are ready to take the plunge and get that first tattoo, there are some things you need to understand. The tattoo artist is going to go over the process with you, but here are some tips you may want to think about before you choose a shop, artist, and design.

Tattoo Safety Tips

When you go into a tattoo shop to check things out, the shop should be clean, well organized, and well lit. A dark, dingy shop is not a place you want to go for ink, and you can not expect to get a good tattoo done if the artist can not see the work because of poor lighting.

Cleanliness is critical, so if the place looks dirty or has an odor to it, walk away. The shop should be as clean as an operating room (or at least a doctor's office), so you know that you are not going to get an infection or some disease due to contaminated equipment.

Don't be afraid to ask about sterilization, if they use new needles with every client, and if they throw away ink cups after each client is finished. All of these are sources of disease and infection, so you must know everything that touches you is clean and not going to cause a problem.

Consultation Appointments

If you are a new client, the tattoo artist should ask a lot of questions about you, what kind of tattoo you want, and why you want to get some ink. If you are getting a custom design that the artist is creating for you, expect to meet with them first, then go back to get the tattoo after the drawing is done and you approve it.

After Care of Your Tattoo

The tattoo artist is going to wrap your tattoo for you and tell you to keep the tattoo covered for several days. If you do not follow through with this, the tattoo can scab, and when the scabs come off, they can pull the color out of the tattoo.

Follow the instructions that the tattoo artist gives you and wash the tattoo a few times a day with mild soap and water. Cover it again after it is clean and keep the ointment on it that they recommend. In three to five days, you can take the wrap off and let the world see it, but if you want it to heal correctly, it is essential that you do everything they tell you to do when you leave the shop.

For more information, contact a local tattoo shop.