How To Promote Sending Letters After Passing Away

A growing trend that helps with funeral services and when people passing away is something you are getting into for your own business: the act of sending letters to loved ones and friends after death. It's a trend that may continue to rise in popularity among those who want to wish a final and positive farewell to those they love but are unable to, and you can make this unique niche a profitable and beneficial part of your business if you know how to promote your services well.

Here are some marketing tips for your business that can help you make a service to send letters after death more well-known in your community. Expressed in positive and respectful ways, this is a service that can catch on with many people and make passing away easier for everyone involved in this natural occurrence.

Make a brochure explaining what the service is

A brochure that explains what the service is can help people understand if this step is right for them without having to directly talk to someone about it. Your brochure can explain the process of how to create a letter to send out after death, who the service is meant to benefit — those family and friends left behind when a loved one passes away — and how your business plays a role in this unique service.

The brochure should be professionally designed and be to the point without lacking sentiment and should include a section for reaching out to your business for more information or to schedule a consultation. The concept of planning what to do in the event of death can be sensitive, and having a brochure created for potential clients to read on their own can help reduce the barrier than can be made in broaching the subject.

Invite feedback of those who have received such a letter

Have you been in business a while or have you heard of another company doing the same service with success? Ask for client feedback that you can use on your website so people thinking of doing this service can see how it genuinely and positively affected them to receive such a letter after a loved one passed away. This can help those who are still thinking about the service make the decision for themselves if they were on the fence about it before.

When you start to promote your service to send letters after passing away to people, you will see that many people may be interested in this reverent and respectable service. Reach out to your client base now so they can also use word of mouth to promote your sensitive and beneficial service to others.