Information On DOT Hazmat Shipping Training And Certification

Anyone who is going to be performing any function that would require them to be following Hazardous Material Regulations will need to be trained, as well as certified. Any job functions a person may do that would require them to be trained and certified beforehand can include things like handling, loading, manufacturing, inspecting, repairing, maintaining, testing, or doing anything else where they would need to have contact with the material, or when there is an increased risk of coming into contact with any hazardous material. In the case of the DOT and hazardous material shipping, the employee will also need to be trained in properly labeling, marking, and completing the shipping documentation. Here is other information regarding DOT hazmat shipper training that may prove useful. 

There are certain times in which an uncertified employee can work around hazardous materials

There are some instances in which you can work around materials that are deemed hazardous. If you are working directly under a supervisor who is hazmat trained, then this would be acceptable. However, one thing that you want to realize with this situation is that you will need to have completed your hazmat training within 90 days of you either being hired for that position, or have had your job title within the company changed to a position where you will be dealing with hazardous materials.

Understanding basics as soon as possible is important

It's important to have a good understanding of what hazardous materials are. While you would expect for each container or other packaging that contains hazardous material to be labeled as such, you still want to be able to recognize hazardous materials without counting on the labels. You want to be able to identify anything that would be deemed to be poisonous, explosive, flammable, or otherwise toxic or dangerous. When shipping hazardous materials, they will mostly include corrosives, combustibles, and flammables.

Hazmat training includes a full course load to ensure a complete understanding

The Hazmat training includes a general awareness training that will help the employee to have a good understanding of the risks associated with hazardous materials, including the information needed for DOT shipping tasks. Information on the different types of hazardous materials and what risks each of them pose will also be covered. After completing the program and receiving one's certification, the employee will need to keep their certification up to date as required by law. The person will have to pass a test to keep the certification current.

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