3 Things You Should Know About Hiring A Skydiving Film Production Business

If you are creating a commercial or movie where you need some aerial shots, one way to get them is by hiring a skydiving film-based production business that specializes in creating beautiful aerial cinematography videos that you can use.

Ask to See Their Portfolio of Work

First, you are going to want to ask to see their portfolio of work. They should be able to show you both raw footage that they have captured for past projects and fully edited footage that represents the final product that they delivered to clients.

As you look at their portfolio of work, consider the overall quality of the work. Do you like the quality of the video? Do you like the type of images and footage that they capture? Do you like the way they work the camera?

You are more than likely going to get similar quality work, so you need to make sure that you like the style and quality of the work that they have produced in the past. If you are looking for different video footage than what you see in their portfolio, ask them detailed questions to see if they can make that work for you.

Consider the Location

Second, you need to consider the location where the skydiving company is located. Most skydiving film companies work in a primary location where they can easily capture footage. If that area is where you want the footage captured, they may be a good fit. If you want footage captured from a different area, see if they travel at all. If they travel, find out what those rates will be and how that changes the process.

Always Get Detailed Quotes

Finally, when you like a company and ask them for a bid or quote for the job, insist on a written and detailed quote. You don't want to be told over the phone that it could cost a certain amount only to end up with a larger bill. Insist on a written quote that details what you are paying for so you really know what you are getting into and can choose a company that can deliver what you need within your budget.

When hiring a skydiving film production company, you want to work with a company that has a portfolio of work that matches your video needs. Consider what type of shots they can get for you based on their work location, and always get quotes so you can find a team that fits your budget. Reach out to a skydiving photography service to learn more.