3 Things to Remember When Using Cardboard Shipping Tubes

If you are a business owner or someone else who regularly uses cardboard shipping tubes, then you might think that you already have everything about using cardboard shipping tubes down pat. There still might be a few things that you don't really know about these tubes, though, such as the things listed below. Once you get even more experience with cardboard shipping tubes, you are sure to see why they are a great shipping material.

1. Buy High-Quality Tubes

The first mistake that many people make is buying cardboard shipping tubes that aren't of the highest quality. Although it might seem smart to buy cheaper shipping tubes, this can leave you with tubes that might not hold up well. This can lead to your items not being in good condition when they make it to their destination. You should buy higher-quality shipping tubes instead; the cost difference usually isn't too significant, but you will probably find it to be worth it.

2. Use Labels on the Shipping Tubes

Another mistake that you might be making is not labeling your cardboard shipping tubes properly when you mail them out. You might have always just written the address and other mailing information directly on the shipping tube with a pen or marker. Although you might have been able to make this work so far, it's generally not the best way to mail out cardboard shipping tubes. If you start using labels — which you can write on by hand or print out with your printer beforehand — then you will probably notice that addressing and mailing out your shipping tubes will work out a whole lot better. You might find yourself wondering why you waited so long to try this new way of addressing them.

3. Buy Shipping Tubes in Different Sizes

Unless all of the documents or other items that you usually ship out are the same size, then you shouldn't just stock up on one type of cardboard shipping tube. Instead, consider stocking up on cardboard shipping tubes in all different sizes. Then, you can make sure that you always package your documents or other items in appropriately sized tubes, and you can avoid paying more for shipping when it's not necessary. Plus, you may find that smaller shipping tubes are a little bit cheaper than the bigger shipping tubes, so this can be a good way to reduce costs a little bit, too.