3 Guidelines To Follow To Optimize The Effectiveness Of Your Gutter Screens

If it feels like your gutters are constantly getting clogged, one way to prevent debris from entering your gutters in the first place is to install gutter screens. Gutter screens are a type of gutter guard that fits between your shingles on your roof and your gutters. 

They're a popular option for gutter protection thanks to their affordability and simple installation process. Most homeowners can install their own gutter screens. Follow these guidelines to boost the effectiveness of your gutter screens.

1. Make Sure the Gutter Screens are Correctly Installed

Even though gutter screens are relatively simple to install, it's essential to make sure they're properly installed for the maximum benefit. You'll start with a roll of the gutter screen and cut it to size for your gutters. When you're done, the screens should just barely cover your entire gutter. Some designs fit under your shingles, while others drop into your gutter.

If the screen doesn't cover your entire gutter, there will be space for leaves and other debris to continue to clog your gutter. If you don't feel like you're up to the task of installing your new screens, you can outsource the job to a contractor.

2. Keep Your Trees and Vegetation Trimmed

While gutter screens are highly effective at keeping leaves and branches from getting stuck in your gutters, they're not designed to keep all forms of vegetation and debris out of your gutters. Smaller items, like seeds and pine needles, are capable of getting stuck in the screens. Once these items are stuck in the gutter screen, it can be tricky getting them ou

You can minimize the amount of debris and vegetation that the screen has to protect against by keeping your trees and vegetation trimmed. Keep them cut so that they don't hover your home. Some small vegetation will still make its way to your gutters thanks to the wind, but proper landscaping will minimize this amount. One option if you know you have a lot of small debris that clogs your gutters is to select screen with smaller spaces. 

3. Opt for a Gutter Screen That's Resistant to Extreme Temperatures

Not all gutter screens are created equally. Some gutter screens will change shape when they're exposed to extreme temperatures. The screens may warp or shrink and no longer properly fit your gutters. 

Instead of a flimsy gutter screen, look for sturdy metal alternatives. These screens will hold their shape in hot summer temperatures and frigid winter weather. 

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