Event Safety Teams Make Things Less Scary For Celebrities At Horror Conventions

Comic book and horror/sci-fi conventions once drew their popularity from merchandise dealers, fan-run games, and movie screenings. Today, these events serve as a way for fans to meet celebrities. Stars who made a name for themselves in genre films or television shows can now tap into the lucrative market of autograph signing and paid picture taking. Past and present celebrities make a living booking themselves at events all across the world, and promoters appreciate the crowds they draw. Event hosts should show their appreciation by boosting security. Purchasing a ticket doesn't come with any screening, so no one knows who's attending the show. Promoters should consider hiring professional event control safety services to keep both order and a watchful eye. 

The Troubled Fan and Security Concerns

While the vast majority of fans cause no problems, some don't understand the difference between fantasy and reality. Theatrical villains often face threats from the public. On-screen heroes may face challenges from people who want to fight. Romantic stalkers can also be a concern. Promoters are aware of these potentially dangerous fans and hire someone to handle security. That "someone" might be a big, intimidating "bouncer-looking" person. A tough appearance won't substitute for trained event security skills. Hiring an untrained, unqualified person for the job could make things worse. Imagine if a non-trained security worker lost his/her temper with an out-of-hand fan and threw a punch. That's one way a promoter could find him/herself in civil suit trouble. How many hotels would want to book a promoter that can't control security or causes lawsuits? When reviewing this possible business-ruining scenario, many will agree that hiring professional event security comes off as wise.

Interacting With the Attendees

Event security members can't look too casual, or else people may not take their presence seriously. Security staff will dress and look the part. They won't, however, likely look and act intimidating. Professionals do understand they must behave appropriately at an event. Staying alert to potential troubles, standing by waiting to help, and providing assurances to attendees rank as their essential duties. Skilled professionals will also work to reduce risks to celebrities. Trained security staff might pick up on suspicious or erratic behavior before the troubled attendee comes close to a star. If unable to prevent an incident, event security could react to bring a situation under control quickly.

Even with the best security, promoters can't guarantee nothing goes wrong. The presence of professional event security services does, however, improve the odds the convention runs without troubles.