3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Rural Property Value

If you have a house with some acreage, you might wonder how you can increase the value of the property before selling. Things like location and land features can't really be changed, but there are some simple things in your control that can quickly add value. Here are some ideas to consider. 

1. Clear away any land clutter.

It's common for you to expand on the land that you have, using your property to store things that are hard to throw away. For example, if you have a car that no longer runs, you might just park it in the trees behind your house and forget about it for the time being. However, the presence of old machinery, junky lawnmowers, and old cars can make your property seem less valuable to potential buyers. They might even offer less when purchasing the property because of the cost and trouble of removing these items. 

Contact a junk car removal service like Junked In the USA. Often, these companies can pick up cars and even other sources of scrap metal and parts. You might get a small payment for cars that can be sold for scrap or still have valuable parts that can be re-purposed in working vehicles. 

2. Add a small outbuilding.

Owning land comes with additional responsibilities, like more land care and more chores. Those chores require tools like a ride-on mower, a chainsaw, and other small machinery. If you don't have a place to store these items, they can make the property look messy. Add a garden shed or small Quonset for storage and put everything away. Buyers will be impressed with the cleanliness of the property and they will be willing to pay more for land that already has some outbuilding storage for tools and supplies. 

3. Clear brush and nuisance trees. 

Finally, you want the land to be as beautiful as possible. If you have trees or grasses on your land, do your best to make these look as nice as you can. Clean up trash that might have blown onto your property. Clear dead branches, leaves, and old grass to make walking the property easier. If you have any trees that are dead, dying, are fallen, cut them up and haul them off so that the wooded areas look well-cared for. You might decide to burn brush piles, or you can rent a dumpster to collect all the organic brush to be hauled off by the dumpster rental company.