A Floating Lift That Will Protect Your Boat And Provide Accessibility

A hydraulic or a motorized lift requires electricity and routine maintenance. This type of lift will need to be adjusted when water levels fluctuate. An alternative to a high-end lift, which can be pricey, is a floating lift. Do you dock your power sailboat at a marina and often need to clean the hull due to sea debris that has attached itself to the watercraft's exterior? You can enjoy the benefits of a customizable floating lift that is constructed of plastic modules that are secured to one another.

Why Use A Lift?

Besides keeping your boat clean and dry when not in use, you may be concerned about damage to the watercraft's exterior. Choppy waves could push your boat toward the dock and a fiberglass surface or a marine paint covering could become scratched, if the boat scrapes along one of the sharp edges of the dock. When you have your boat secured to a floating lift, rising water or rough surf will not pose a threat to your investment.

Additionally, you can use a lift as a personal loading and unloading station. Even if your are accustomed to climbing down into your sailboat or hoisting yourself up onto a dock when you have finished sailing, your companions or loved ones may not be as inclined to maneuver their bodies in this manner.

Give your boat companions the opportunity to ease themselves into the boat, while still on dry land. A lift is the perfect aid for small children or elderly people who may have difficulty climbing down into a boat or up onto a dock. After you and your companions are seated inside of the watercraft, turn on the inboard or outboard motors and slowly ease your boat into the water.

How Can You Customize Your Lift?

Separate plastic pieces that interlock are used to create a floating platform. You have the control to decide how large the platform will be. Use boat lift kits to help you create a floating lift that is large enough to support your sailboat and that will provide you with plenty of room to walk around the boat.

A spacious lift will accommodate you when you are making repairs to your boat or getting it ready for a sailing adventure. If you ever decide to purchase another boat, a jet ski, or water accessories and your floating lift won't be large enough to store the items, purchase additional lift pieces to add to the existing lift.